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      BOUT US
      Wenzhou Zhou Thai Valve Tube Co., Ltd.

         Wenzhou City, Zhou Thai Valve Co., Ltd. is a design, production, sales and service projects as one of the modern enterprise. Specializing in a variety of dairy products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, beer equipment, stainless steel sanitary fittings, tank top device, take over the board, high-precision stainless steel butterfly valves and non-standard parts and other products sales and service.
      Advanced design concept Professional and technical superiority has always been a prominent feature of Zhoutai Enterprise. Coupled with the perfect system and rigorous after-sales service system, Zhoutai has won a good reputation in the industry. 

         For a long time, Zhoutai Company has… 

      • 生產車間
      • 生產車間
      • 生產車間
      • Start with raw materials: high-quality raw materials + rigorous testing
        All valve fittings pressure parts all meet the standards of materials, from raw materials into the factory, need to go through a series of scientific tests to ensure that the performance superior
      • Start from the production: international equipment + craftsmanship
        The introduction of international advanced equipment, high degree of automation, accurate quality control to ensure product quality。
      • Start from the quality inspection: high standards + perfect quality assurance system
        Each batch of products are manufactured before the professional quality inspector international standards for testing and random on-site casting of chemical composition, hardness, metallographic testing.
      5 years focus on the valve tube industry experience
      The company was established in 2002, is the first design, production and manufacturing Midline butterfly valve business.
      5 years won a number of honors and national patents
      Won more than 20 national patents: design concept butterfly valve office, high-performance fire-resistant butterfly valve, high-performance butterfly valves, water control valves.
      5 years perfect after-sales service system
      Have a professional customer service team, to give you the most attentive service: a professional technical research and development team, to provide you with free technical support.
      Wenzhou Zhou Thai Valve Tube Co., Ltd.
      Address: Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Binhai Park Road 700 two
      Tel: 0577-86993696
      Fax: 0577-86993698
      E-mail: santhaivalve@163.com
      Website: www.canterare.com www.cnsanthai.cn www.santhaivalve.cn
      Chinese website: www. Zhou Thai valve. Com www. Zhou Thai valve
      English website: www.cnsanthai.com
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